Behind The Canvas



In 2004 my father gave me a simple wooden box filled with brushes that belonged to my grandfather. When I opened the box there was a voice inside of me that said, "You're not a painter, you've never painted before." Then there was a stronger voice deep within that said, "Get out of your head and into your heart"... and painting became a passion.
As an artist, my art and heart are influenced by my travels. Whether in Nepal, Egypt, Japan, the Amazon or my own backyard, I have always felt connected to the oneness of humanity knowing we all walk the same earth, greet the same sun and say good night to the same moon. It's this simple recognition that inspires me to create.

When I paint, my studio is the outdoors and the ground poses as the easel. With the canvas merged against the earth, I paint texture upon texture in an attempt to reveal my relationship to nature. 

Whether it be human nature, the nature of our environment or the nature of the cosmos, each sparks my spirit in its own unique way.

Every painting teaches me not to attach to perspective. What looks like a sunset may become a sunrise when viewed from another angle. Each stroke of color reminds me to be present moment to moment to all possibilities.

Cheers to the moment...
Cheers to you!