We are all running in the midst of our shadows, 
and light is reminding us do not fear the darkness.
We have been here before, oh so familiar,
is anything truly new?
Change occurs, moment to moment,
breathe my darlings, breathe...
Has life ever failed us?
Breathe, that is our answer.
For we are alive, and therefore life is moving,
Caress the changes, do not pause to question,
for in the pause, the moment passes.
Life moves quickly, yet silently remains still,
the paradox of breath.
Challenges, changes, love them so tenderly,
fiercely defending our right to choose.
Yes, decisions to be made 
in the midst of movement, it is our choice.
Above, below, fly, yes fly,
the angels beckon to give us wings.
Fly with the wind, let nature be our guide.
Become one with Source,
Yes, we have arrived, where we have been along,
                     Just breathe....

                                           Ché Schreiner